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Customers are our priority, we are only satisfied when you are.

Being customer and service focused is very important for Anema Arum. A team of specialised service technicians are always ready to help.
The modern workplace and service vans are fully equipped to meet the highest standards. Repair and maintenance of all types of earthmoving machinery can therefore be carried out according to a strict schedule. Anema Arum responds to the needs of the customer because service can be provided on site.

When a machine needs major repair, a replacement machine is offered.

When a new appliance is delivered, the customer is given the opportunity to plan an instruction day with one of our technicians.
The technical aspects are then thoroughly covered.

For the following activities, you can contact Anema Arum:

- Maintenance and repair
- Original parts in stock or fast delivery after order
- Presses for common hoses
- Overhaul of components and engines
- Spraying machines in company colours
- Running gear and equipment overhaul
- Construction work
- Machinery inspections
- Mobile air conditioning service (at any location)
- Special construction

Arum Anema continuously invests in training, factory trainings and instruction days for our service technicians.
This ensures that we are always up to date with the latest developments, which benefits both the customer and our company.

If you are interested in any of our services, you can contact us via 0517-641329 and ask for the workshop